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FiT Creative is dedicated to helping you create success for your business. Let us show you how mobile apps can boost your revenues... we will create a FREE prototype app for your own business!

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why apps?

Your customers want to get information from their smartphone.

Make it easy for your clients and prospects to reach you, and for you to reach back. When you have your app in their phone you create a social bond to your customers that cannot be duplicated by any other media.

What can an app do for you and your customers? We're glad you asked...

GPS Directions

Turn-by-turn GPS directions to your business from anywhere.

One Touch Calling

Your clients can call with one button push. No more searching for you.

Tell A Friend

Go viral as your clients can easily share on Twitter, Facebook, email, and SMS.

Push Notifications

Send messages to your customers that get read. High impact at no cost.

QR Coupons

Create QR coupons that get scanned at your business. Great for loyalty cards!

Your Info

Build in any sort of information your clients need to make buying easy.

Events Schedule

All of your company's special events can be in your app. Google calendar enabled!

Easy Contact

Make it easy to contact you. Email, phone, website, and directions in one place.

Image Gallery

Photos of your business in a beautiful image gallery. The personal touch!

GPS Coupons

Create coupons for your app that auto-unlock when your customers are at your business.

Email Photo

Your customers can easily send you their photos right thru your app. Great for testimonials!

Points Of Interest

Display points of interest around you, categorized as you please.

Fan Wall

Customers can leave feedback in the app, but you edit the comments, so no bad reviews!

Email List

A great way to build your email list for your newsletter. Give a discount for replies!

Tip Calculator

Added value for restaurant customers. Easy tip calculator for group dinners.

Mortgage Calculator

Added value for real estate apps. More value leads to greater client appreciation.

Flexible Counter

Can be customized to suit your business. Let's get creative!

Blog Integration

Include any RSS feed in your app. Can be your own blog or industry information.


Integrate your Facebook page to enhance your social media marketing.


Your Twitter feed in your app can lead to more following and more loyal customers.


Your YouTube channel accessed directly from within your app!


Expand your LinkedIn reach by including it right inside your app.

Surveys and Forms

With WuFoo, create all sorts of forms including surveys, order forms, pre-qual forms, and feedback forms.


Incorporate your reservation system into your app! Easy as pie for your customers.


Track your app downloads in the "back office."

Android & iPhones

Your app will work on both Android & iPhone devices, including the iPad and Android tablets.

Contact Integration

Import email addresses collected through your app into your email marketing service.

services list

FiT Creative began as a full service graphics and marketing company. We now focus on creating mobile marketing solutions, but if you need more than mobile apps, we can help with:

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