why choose us

We specialize in local business marketing!

We love marketing, and the formidable power of mobile marketing really gets us excited! If your customers or clients fall into regional or into specific target markets we can show you how to create more repeat business and grab potential customers when they are at their most responsive.


In the olden days...

...before the iPhone Apps store existed, FiT Creative worked on marketing materials and posters for movie companies, designed business logos and company graphics, produced websites, and retouched or re-imagined photos using Adobe Photoshop.

But now...

...our focus is on creating iPhone and Android apps for businesses like yours! We're still good at print and web marketing, but the mobile world is exploding and so are we. Mobile marketing is compelling, and we get your business in your client's pocket fast!

special offers

Does FiT Creative discount?

Yes! We have standing discounts with many Chambers of Commerce, real estate companies, and BNI groups. Ask and ye shall receive.


our portfolio

Please be patient while we re-organize our files!