mobile marketing

The world is going mobile, and your customers either have a smartphone- or they want one.

If you want to know what works, follow the giant marketers! They spend millions to find out how their clients think, and right now their clients are thinking about mobile phones.

Smartphone users keep their phones with them 23 hours a day, and your business can benefit by this surge in smartphones in a big way: one out of every three searches on a smartphone is for a local business.

Why make your customers search for you, and take the chance they'll encounter your competition instead?
Put your business in their pocket! We will create an app that links your customers to you, and you to your customers.

Every day more companies are starting to use mobile marketing options to communicate key messages to their customers. We help more local businesses with their mobile marketing requirements on a daily basis. This year is set to see massive growth in the mobile space both in terms of smart phones in use and in mobile marketing being used by companies. There is no question that you will be left behind and give away potential customers if you do not take action and use mobile marketing to grow your business.

With so many companies waking up to the potential value of mobile marketing, perhaps it's time to heed the advice given to businesses by Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google; "What's really important right now is to get the mobile architecture right, since mobile will ultimately be the way you provision most of your services." It's time for small and medium-sized business owners and managers to get on board.

> How can I afford my own app?
Our company's goal is to make apps an affordable part of your marketing. Having your app built by FiT Creative will cost less than you think! And marketing through your app is extremely low cost. For example, creating coupons traditionally involves printing, publishing, and mailing costs. But couponing through your app has almost no incremental costs! You can create new coupons every month, test different specials to see which ones work better, and even create immediate specials to draw in business that same day!

> Do people really make purchases through their phone?
They do! And using an in-app shopping cart you can capture impulse sales and orders through your app.

> Can I track the success of my app?
You will be given password protected admittance to our back office program, which gives you access to statistics about the successful downloads of your app.

> How do I make my customers want my app?
Add value! People who already love your business, and new people who want to connect with you, will put your app on their phone if you give them a good reason. We will design your app to be packed with benefits for your customers. Apple iPhone users have an average of 48 apps on their phones; Android users 38. We can show you how to make it super easy for your customers to add yours!

> Why are push notifications trouncing email marketing?
In the early days of email marketing, a message to your mailing list might have a greater chance of getting read, but today 97% of emails from business end up in the trash.
But when you push a message through your app to customers' phones, an amazing 97% get read!

The push notification medium is relatively new and is not cluttered. Secondly, although the notification itself has "read now" vs. "cancel" buttons, the message has already gotten through before they make their choice!

An example of this is a restaurant that decides to offer free margaritas with a meal on a slow Tuesday. The push notification reads: 'Free margaritas at Jose's tonight! ". Even if the choice is made not to read further, the primary message has made it to the customer.

> I don't do high-tech. Is this for me?
You don't need to be a tech expert to send push notifications, but FiT Creative also offers training services and full support of your app. We also manage all services, changes to your app, and prepare all push notifications for you with a very affordable service package.

> How does this fit with my current marketing?
We will create your app in ways to help you boost your current marketing strategy!

Do you have an email newsletter? Your app is great at gathering email addresses for your list!

Do you use print advertising? A QR code in your print ad will drive people to download the app, doubling the effectiveness and creating a strong personal relationship between you and your prospects and customers.

Do you use coupons? With your own app, your customers are carrying your coupon with them wherever they go, instead of leaving it behind, lost under a pile of papers.

Do you use loyalty programs? Your customers will no longer lose or leave their loyalty card at home. Now you can electronically "holepunch" their loyalty card within your app, and the benefit coupon unlocks right there on their phone!

Are you on Facebook? Twitter? Your Facebook page and Twitter feeds can be accessed from right within your app, providing more social proof for your clients through testimonials.

>I'm a real estate agent. Can this do anything for me?
Absolutely. The best and most successful real estate professionals know that the more places they can market their clients' properties the more effective they appear. Your app can link to your current listings, and other agents who have your app can be notified when you list a new property! Buyers can be told immediately when new properties come on the market. Are you a wholesaler? Your wholesaling network can be kept current with up-to-the-minute changes.

> What if my business changes? Can my app change with it?
Information within the app is completely customizable and can change as you grow, add or subtract services, or move to a different marketing approach. Changes to your app get posted to the Apple and Android stores, and everyone who owns your app can have it updated automatically through the iTunes and Android software.

> Do I control the app, or does FiT Creative?
You control your app! We give you the "keys to the car" and you can have access to your app to make any changes or create push notifications when you like. Many clients are busy and prefer to have us manage the back office aspect of their apps. We can do that too!

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Getting your own app on your clients' phones is less expensive than you think! Let's work together to create more success for you and your business.